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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

The Devil is sending demons through beautiful artifacts such as paintings to capture the pure souls of people on earth. Marron, a sixteen year old girl is the beautiful reincarnation of Jeanne D' Arc. Using her strength and power she will capture the demons one by one. The only problem is when she captures the demon, she is also stealing the painting or vase or whatever, because of this, the police think she's a thief...well, technically she is, but its for the good of all man kind. To make matters worse, her best friend, Miyako is the daughter of a police detective and is always trying to catch Jeanne herself. There is always some laid out trap for Jeanne but she is always too clever to be beaten. Suddenly, a boy wearing a costume shows up and is also able to capture demons. This stinks because Jeanne needs all the demons she can get. Who is this guy? Whats with the blue hair and weirdo get up....???? kamikaze kaitou jeanne is an awesome has all the twists you could ask for, and of course, that added romance that pulls us in too! ^_^

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