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my profile...



  • age:  19

  • height:  5'7"

  • located @:  reppin the 949 area --> IRVINE!

  • nationality:  pilipino ako!

  • school:  UC IRVINE - the land of the anteaters - ZOTZOTZOTZOTZOTZOTZOT!!

  • major:  information & computer science

  • occupation:  full time STUDENT in the wonderful world of the ANTEATERS

  • in my spare time, i like to:  whether it be spending a night on the town with mah partners-in-crime (LOL!) or just kicking back and relaxing with's all good!! other things: watching anime (check out the anime section for some of my faves), online shopping (keep me away from ebay, oh man, i go CRAZY), playstation (but only when i'm home home, or else i'd never get any work done...someone want to buy me a ps2 so i can play final fantasy X? puuhhh-leaaaase? ^_^

  • fave color(s):  i absolutely love pastel-y colors, but i'm totally in love with's so feminine & cute!

  • fave dessert(s): haagen-daaz vanilla chocolate chip ice cream...mmmm delicious! umm, chocolate-covered strawberries are also mm-mm good!